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The Sanctuary needs you.

Despite emails and social media posts filled with at-a-distance activities, things at the Sanctuary aren’t as normal as they seem. 

The pandemic has significantly reduced the grant opportunities available to us at the same time that our ability to raise money through in-person events disappeared. We feel incredibly lucky that so far we’ve been able to keep up our work. 

To maintain capacity, the Sanctuary needs to add at least 50 new Sustainers by the end of October. 


Become a Sustainer!

Campaign Goal – 50 New Sustainers!
72 of 50
I’m a Sustainer because I believe it’s very important to have a meeting space in the community that is accessible for artists, activists and general media makers.

The Sanctuary provides that space for all of us to meet in one space and actively try to change things around us.

Even if you can give only $2, $3, $5, per month, we really need Sanctuary in this community.
Senem Pirler
Senem PirlerIntermedia-sound artist and faculty member at Bennington College
I have never been around so many progressive and forward thinking environmentalists and artists…this place is filled with people who really care about this community who live in Troy and I think that’s amazing.

Everyone wants their community to have positive outlets and positive organizations that teach and provide and that value to the people who live there, and the Sanctuary does just that.
Tatianna Moragne
Tatianna MoragneStudent and environmental activist
I became a Sustainer because of the work the Sanctuary does with youth, teaching about the media and how to be the media. A lot of us in the nonprofit community teach people how to find good housing or find healthy food, and the Sanctuary focuses on helping people learn how to think for themselves.

They’ve done so much work building infrastructure here in the neighborhood and we all need to pitch in and build the infrastructure of the media sanctuary itself.
Barb Nelson
Barb NelsonArchitect and Executive Director of TAP Inc.
[The Sanctuary is] an institution that makes it a point to do more than just go online and say what they believe, but to build things that they believe.

To make space for people to make art that is important, that makes space for people to come and talk about issues in the community that matter, to really be IN the community and not merely talking about the community.

That’s why being a Sanctuary Sustainer is important.
Dan Lyles
Dan LylesAuthor, educator, and Sanctuary Board Member
There is no other organization in the area that I’m prouder to support–they’ve got so many things going, the great music, film, and creative activist presentations, Collard City Growers, Freedom Square, Youth Media Sanctuary, Uptown Summer, NATURE Lab, and WOOC 105.3 FM!

A hyper local, progressive alternative to the endless snooty and self-consciously centrist “white-splaining” that has become public radio. Hooray for WOOC.
Igor Vamos
Igor VamosYes Man, educator, and Sanctuary Board Member
You know, venues like this are really really hard to find. As somebody who travels around the nation performing in spaces, I would say that this right here in our community is a very unique and a very important space to speak our truth.

And I think that we have to take care of these spaces. We have to make sure that these spaces are able to continue to be in our community and also grow in the work.

Taina Asili
Taina AsiliSinger, songwriter, poet, artist and activist
The Sanctuary is my refuge from a society too often fueled by skewed values and backwards thinking.

I look forward to my children growing up here – learning from a diverse, intergenerational mix of positive thinkers and activists.

Where else can you go to garden, cook, learn to mosaic, dance to live music, see an art exhibit, make media, and help the community all in one day?
Azure Keahi
Azure KeahiArtist, bookkeeper, and Collard City Growers Co-Advisor

“Sustaining the Sanctuary” has taken on new meaning.

Suddenly, we are in need of your committed support with an urgency we never expected.

But we feel incredibly lucky that so far we’ve been able to keep up our work.

Now is not the time to slow down!

Despite the challenges of the moment, we are continuing to:

  • Produce local news & amplify marginalized voices
  • Sponsor youth activities
  • Renovate the new NATURE Lab Center
  • Grow food to share in Collard City Growers gardens
  • …and build community from the grassroots up!

Join Sanctuarians and show your support today—become a sustainer. 

Support the Sanctuary

If you’re not able to give money these days, there’s still a lot you can do! To start, you can join us at any of the events we are hosting. Seeing your face will help keep us connected.

You can also help spread the word!

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