News Workshop Report

August 1st – Maps of the Community

* The ‘Youth Change Makers’ worked on their final drafts of their respective mapping projects today. The ‘Neighborhood Violence Map’ was organized with a key to indicate the different forms of violence: police, fights, shootings, and stabbings.

Brooklyn and some of the other teens noted that their favorite part about making this map was actually going out into the community and gathering the data. She loved walking around the neighborhood interviewing people and learning all their different stories related to violence. 

* On back-to-back days, the teens were very fortunate to have special guests. Yesterday Assemblyman John McDonald stopped by, and today, City Council members Erin Sullivan-Teta and Lynn Kopka came to the Sanctuary for lunch.

Again, the ‘Youth Change Makers’ were afforded the amazing and intimate experience to be able to sit down with their elected representatives and voice their opinions about how to better their community. They talked a lot about community centers and different options and offerings in North Troy to keep teens off of the streets.

*Today’s lunch was a tasty potato salad with chicken wings.  Thanks Jillian, Lecco and the Chef’s Consortium!

* The rest of the day the ‘Youth Change Makers’ worked in the L-Lot and Collard City Garden plating vegetables, weeding, and measuring growth. They also used some of the different mapping techniques that they learned this week with Atif and to measure about think about how they would map the L-Lot.

*To wrap up this week of mapping, the teens presented the maps that they have been working on all week. The themes of the maps included violence, global warming, and asthma…all with an emphasis on North Troy.