News Workshop Report

August 5th – "Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds."

*Today The Youth Change Makers break up into groups to tackle various jobs: 

-Danny spray painted the trashcan out front of Freedom Square vibrant colors to beautify the block and contribute to litter control. Tomorrow he will paint the trashcan out front of Missing-link. 

-The Youth change Makers watered trees and weeded in Freedom Square, the L-Lot, and Collard City Growers.

-Some of the group organized the shed behind Freedom Square and did graffiti removal.

-Lunch made by Azure and Christian: carrot bread, greek salad, carrot soup, and pasta salad.

-We finished up the weed identifier signs with Blaine and will work on creating a zine of the neighborhood maps with digital design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

-The backyard of 3334 6th ave, which has just been purchased by The Sanctuary, got cleaned up and all the liter removed.

-Art Table: Stepping stones for the L-Lot made with Tiles from the Zagar wall and found objects.