News Workshop Report

August 6th – “Shed New Light” Lunch with the mayor

“You all have dreams and ideas. So don’t give up on them. It may not happen today but tomorrow it might. “ – Lou Rosamilia (Mayor of Troy)


*Danny works with the other teens to work on painting another garbage can. 

The ‘Youth Change Makers’ are designing the garbage cans in order to make them more appearent to the community in the hope of reducing littering.

*Lunch:Chef Jackie Baldwin explains how she cooks meals that are heavy in fruit and veggies with a healthy meat. She made buffalo chicken with a huge garden salad and watermelon.

She explains all the nutritious components in vegetables that are good for our bodies. She takes in consideration what the youth like but how to maintain balance to give our bodies the proper amount of protein, starch, and vegetables. 

*The group was more than excited to introduce themselves to the mayor and discuss their concerns of environmental justice in the community such as: more trash cans, community centers, The Arc, Ingalls Ave boat launch, diversity training for police officers as well as youth training, and an array of health and nutrition. The Youth Change Makers would like more trash cans on the block that they can’t paint bright colors to attract more people to throw their garbage in it rather than littering.

They also would like to build a water front park for children at the Ingalls Ave boat launch which was once a ‘brown-field’. One idea we thought of was creating Informational Hudson River signs that explains all the pollution and reasons why swimming is not encouraged. We hope it will cause more people to take initiative in the reverse of hudson river pollution. 

*The wind harp: Lindsay Kardy instructs us how to make a wind harp from a down spout house gutter, zither pins, and fishing line. We think of other sustainable weather proof objects we can use to make outdoor instruments out of that will accommodate the harp.