News Workshop Report

August 7th – Swim at your own Risk

*During our last week of Uptown Summer 14, Brandon Ballengee returns to North Troy to participate with our community in more Hudson River Eco-Actions!

-What is Water Pollution: caffeine, hormones, organic chemicals, plant nutrients, sediment, carcinogenic variables, are all things that do not break down in water and cause pollution. 

– For lunch, the teens actually made it themselves! They made homeade Mac ‘n Cheese.

-The ‘Youth Change Makers’ painted signs informing people of all the dangers in the Hudson River. The signs will be placed at Ingalls Ave. boat Launch. Thee signs have information on them such as that the fish and water contains mercury and PBC and that they could put our health at risk.  

-The group split up to go on a nature walk to identify bugs and birds starting in the L-Lot. And the other group learned how to make oven baked kale chips: fresh kale that has the stems removed, rinsed well and dried completely, tossed in olive oil and salt, and baked until crispy.