News Reflections

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I spent some time today talking to someone who lives in our neighborhood.  They said that they are so grateful to have the supports in the community.  Discussed how they don’t feel so well so much of the time, and just having things to look forward to is so important.  We then discussed volunteering.  They lit up, and started talking about all the things they could do to support their community.  Shared about what feels good, and after a while they came up with more and more ideas to help.  Food was a big piece of the discussion.  Having comfort food.  Comfort and safe places to go…

Not only did they feel better deciding to be active in improving what they see on a day to day basis, they see how valuable each person is no matter what they might have been taught or told.  Every person has value and can contribute more than you may ever know.

I just got a hug one day from one of the Sanctuarians!  It lifted my mood for days.. and my moods are rarely low!