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A collage of Sanctuary Sustainers

We are living in a challenging time. No one here has all the answers. But every day we are here building community resilience, pulling in new inspiring people, and learning together how to create a more harmonious world.

By signing up as a Sanctuary Sustainer you are providing critical infrastructure support.

This place runs mostly on good will, volunteerism and grant funding. But good will doesn’t pay the bills, and funding for art and science programming is under full scale attack in D.C. Even in the best of times, grantors restrict how funding can be spent. When the roof springs a leak, the alarm system bugs out, or squirrels get in through the foundation, it’s your contribution that makes it possible for us to fix it. (Yes, each of these things has happened in the past six months!)

As a Sanctuary Sustainer you are underwriting editorial independence.

Much of our programming is just too controversial for some grant funders. The political independence provided by your support helps us present cutting edge points of view on art, environment and social justice.

Lots of people, giving a little bit, is what makes the Sanctuary possible.

As with any ecosystem, diversity creates a resilient community organization. With a diverse revenue stream, we accomplish a lot! In this past year alone, we’ve:

  • Started a nightly news show on WOOC 105.3 FM and interviewed more than 500 people, creating the Hudson Mohawk Magazine podcast for community-made non-commercial news
  • Helped partner organizations secure licenses for 3 additional Capital Region FM radio stations
  • Purchased the last long-abandoned building on our block to turn into an urban environmental education center with a community science lab

That’s on top of the media arts, music, youth, science and permaculture programming that we’ve been building for the past thirteen years.

Just by showing up, you’ve become a part of this family. Now please become a Sanctuary Sustainer to help build the foundation of support that we need to last.

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