Behind the Scenes at the Yes Men Event

Tuesday, November 4th, The Sanctuary held a fundraising dinner followed a screening of a Yes Men movie. The dinner was held to fundraise for the Sanctuary and during presentations various programs at the Sanctuary were highlighted including the NATURE Lab (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology. Below are some pictures intern Sierra Sukay took while prepping for the dinner.
Above is Kathy High cutting the lettuce for the Apple Salad that was served at dinner. The apples were from a local orchard and the lettuce was from the local co-op.
The parsnips above were also from the local co-op. These are parsnips were peeled, cut, and baked!
The dinner was held in the Sanctuary’s ‘waiting’ room, behind the main auditorium where the new Yes Men movie was screened later that evening.
Here you can see small versions of the Dear Climate posters that were placed along the table. The dinner focused climate change and incorporated the Dear Climate art currently on exhibit at the Sanctuary. During the dinner the food served was related climate change and incorporated the Dear Climate art currently on exhibit at the Sanctuary. Several presentations throughout the dinner informed the attendees about some of the projects currently underway at the Sanctuary, especially those with significant community involvement or improving the local area, North Troy.

The Yes Men are activists pose as the representatives of powerful entities to make statements and claims that caricature the organization. They have posed as representatives from Exxon, Shell, Dow Chemical, the U.S. federal government, and many others. Their goal is to use these stunts to draw media attention to issues affecting climate change and climate regulation around the world. Click here for the Yes Men website to learn more about them. See below for a picture from the screening and the Q & A session that followed.
Kathy High and one of the Yes Men, Mike, running the Q & A session.

If you would like to read more about some of the topics discussed during the Q & A visit intern Sierra Sukay’s blog!
Below is a video made by Branda Miller:

See video

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