Being an Intern at The Sanctuary: A Personal Reflection

I recall looking for internships in the Fall, while I was abroad in Northern India. I was searching for something in the social justice realm, preferably with some components in art. I thought it was a long-shot, that I would never find exactly what I was looking for. I was wrong. At the Sanctuary for Independent Media, I get to fulfill numerous passions. Thus far, I have focused on website maintenance, community outreach, event coordination, and graphic design. I upload and write posts for the website about our upcoming events. I have called and contacted people from all over the Capital Region asking them to be a part of our mission. In this way, I have networked and created amazing connections with community members who share the same values as I. I have collected donations for raffles we have done in benefit to our radio station WOOC 105.3FM. I have learned Adobe Illustrator and created signs for our gallery, as well as event flyers. Presently, I am helping to congregate a group of “Water Warriors” for a performance we have on April 21st done by The Nile Project. This means that I am calling and emailing a list of people involved in water justice around the Hudson River area. I have asked them to come say a few words about the importance of water quality and access for people everywhere. Soon I will be reaching out to other members of our community, asking them to join the cause as well.

I find myself very fulfilled in my affiliation and actions with The Sanctuary. I am learning more rapidly about current social injustices than I ever could in a classroom setting. The best part of this learning is that it is done through experience and hands-on situations. My major is called Social Justice & Global Citizenship. What I am doing speaks exactly to those aspects of my passions. I am pursuing social justice via my duties, both actively and passively. I am grateful for the diverse skills I gain and dialogues I have everyday here. I am being a part of the greater society and being a global citizen. In such a trying and confusing time in our society, it is important to be taking action and learning how to take action. This is what I am gaining via my experiences at The Sanctuary for Independent Media thus far.

Siena College Student
Social Justice advocate
Coffee Maker amateur