Biosafety Level 1 Community DIY Biology Lab

NATURE Lab will have its own community biology laboratory to teach science skills and study our local urban environment. This Biosafety-level 1 lab, much like a high school classroom laboratory, will be open to the entire community. We will offer workshops and classes to teach science literacy and basic microbiology skills. We will conduct in-house, hands-on research for our environmental justice projects looking at our water, (with the Water Justice Lab), our soil (with the Our Soil/Nuestros Suelo project), and our air (with Lights Out Norlite).

This lab was made possible with the generous help of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, The Bender Scientific Fund, Riverkeeper, Troy Architecture Project (TAP), Troy Community Land Bank , the New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, our sustainers and endless number of volunteers and other donors. We thank you!