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CHERI HONKALA – fri 17 April 2015


Exciting, moving and proactive! A capacity audience (approx 120) gathered at the Sanctuary to hear Cheri’s speech. Cheri has a gift for timing and humour honed by a school of very hard knocks. She told us tales from her life and how she grew from single motherhood at age 16 to become a (very) political activist. She has run for sheriff in Philadelphia, for Vice President of the Green Party, all with a logical rather than  utopian wish to put a stop to poverty and homelessness. Cheri does not place blame on the individual, but on a society that leaves housing empty and unused.

There was a lively 0pen Mike session before the main talk, suggested by Branda Miller of the Sanctuary, and led by RPI student Randy Aboleda and poet/artist Danielle Charlestin (Director of Activities at The Troy Boys and Girls Club).

Virginia Eubanks introduced Cheri and after Cheri’s speech ended with a standing ovation she encouraged another Open Mike session. 

Cheri also spole out about a proactive set of group meetings set for  Tuesday May 5th at 6pm. All are welcome.

Please watch the audiovisual of Cheri on Sanctuary TV!