Collard City Garden 2K14

A collection of different volunteers joined on Friday May 23rd to continue working on the Collard City Garden Project going on right down the block from the Media Sanctuary. The volunteers put their back into this effort to fill in holes and pack fence posts into the ground. Each person played a role in shoveling, tamping and filling in holes as manual labor provided a challenge to be matched by many young and tireless individuals.

Who: Led by Abby Lublin & Steve Pierce Ft. Jacob Freedman, Ian Romaker, Rebekka McDonough & Others

What: Shoveling, tamping, posting, filling

Where: Collard City Garden  

When: 9AM-5PM

Why: To plant fruits and vegetables !

As each person played their role in erecting fence posts there was an abundant amount of progress made for the Collard City Garden. The results of this strenuous labor created direct formation for fencing to put in and a bike path to be smoothed out. Everyone’s work established a clear advance as the community took one large step forward in this process. The element of teamwork was essential to the people as everyone’s collective efforts brought about unity for the community of 6th Ave Troy.