Workshop Report

Congratulations YMS Producer Madena Henderson!

YMS Madena Henderson, photo by Ellie Markovitch

Youth Media Sanctuary/ Project VoiceScape filmmaker
 Madena Henderson

Youth Media Sanctuary producer Madena Henderson was one of 15 youth selected as a Project VoiceScape winner– and she’ll present her work at a national premiere in Washington, D.C. this October 6, 2011

YMS Madena Henderson "Cloud Mapping"

Madena was chosen because they saw both talent in her as a filmmaker, and because of the important message of her project: “The Haves and Have-Nots.”  “My film is about how many teens today may have the knowledge and desire to attend college, but may not have the money to attend an expensive school,” says Madena.

Madena began her journey as a filmmaker when the pastor of her church, Pastor Willie, suggested that she enroll in the Youth Media Sanctuary program,  located across the street from her church.  She became a Youth Media Sanctuary Producer, collaborating on the YMS production, “North Troy Rough Cut,” in Fall, 2010.  Madena learned about Project VoiceScape from her YMS media mentors at the Sanctuary, while they were engaged in production for an earlier Project VoiceScape project,”Capital Region Youth Voices,” in collaboration with WMHT and Tech Valley High School. 

Madena speaks with great enthusiasm about her participation in the YMS program, especially her local mentor and Co-Producer, Ellie Markovitch, with whom she worked closely throughout the production.  You can check out the early draft of “The Haves and Have-Nots,” begun during the Spring ’11 Project VoiceScape production, before she went on to be awarded a prize to receive $2000 by POV to build the project into something bigger with the help of professional mentors.

Project VoiceScape is a partnership with Adobe Youth Voices, PBS and POV to mentor today’s best young documentary filmmakers. You can keep up with news from the filmmakers and their mentors on the Project VoiceScape blog.

“My Project VoiceScape experience has been very rewarding,” she says. “I have been able to direct, edit and create a great piece with the help of my mentors, including my project VoiceScape mentor, Angela Tucker (Election Day). Madena shares, “It has been amazing to see my film come to life.”

Madena is the Director and Producer of “The Haves and Have-Nots,” as well as the co-producer and director of the YMS Production “North Troy Rough Cut.”  Madena begins college this fall, 2011, at Hudson Valley Community College, with a major in nursing.