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DIY Snack #2 Recipe: Parfait Cups


Ellie’s second DIY Snack featured seven layers of fresh fruit with oats and homemade yogurt. Judging by how fast they were dished out and disappeared, the youth seemed to have enjoyed this delicious and nutritious snack. Here’s the recipe so you can make it at home:


1) Old fashion rolled oats 

2) Blueberries

3) Straberries

4)  Almonds, chopped

5) Peaches

7) Heaping spoons of homemade greek yogurt



Great ways to get vitamin E: Nuts, including sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts, are delicious sources of this nutrient. And don’t forget nuts are an awesome source of calcium and protein as well… plus healthy fats.  yogurt provides important probiotics – healthy bacteria to aid in digestion and to help build up overall health!  And fruits provide important phytonutrients that keep a body healthy and glowing!


 RECIPE: Homemade Yogurt Using a Cooler box

1 gallon of milk (unhomogenized milk if available)

8 oz of plain greek yogurt with live cultures (to use as your starter) at room temperature

1) Take a large pot, add milk and bring to a temperature of 185F (little boiling bubbles are about to start) then turn it off

2) Let the milk cool to 115F

3)Add 8 oz of plain greek yogurt, to the milk with a clean metal whisk. Mixing well.

4) Wrap your pot with a warm blanket and place in a cooler box for 12 hours.

5) Strain out whey with a cheese cloth to desired consistency. Transfer to clean jars and refrigerate. It makes 8 cups.

-save 1 cup as a starter for the next batch

-the why is excellent liquid to make bread