6th Annual StoryHarvest: A Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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The Sanctuary for Independent Media’s 6th annual outdoor fall event, cultivating community through art, food, stories and music. This year the event will feature Breathing These Words, with poets Danielle Colin, Nancy Klepsch and others, Chill Smith DJ Collective, and community arts projects as a continuation for the Weekend for Creative Resistence. 

At Freedom Square, 35 5th Avenue, Troy (the mystical spot where 6th Ave. meets 5th Ave. at 101st St.)

Co-sponsored by Workforce Development Institute, Unity House, Troy Zero Waste and Breathing Lights.


2:00pm-4:00pm: Breathing These Words with Danielle Colin, Nancy Klepsch and friends, and more community presentations to follow.

4:00pm-6:00pm: Chill Smith DJ Collective featuring Jamel Mosely, Patrick Harris and Chris Scully

6:00pm-7:00pm: Following StoryHarvest at 6pm, there will be diverse art projects to view including:

  • Join the Troy Breathing Lights Neighborhood Ambassadors in the Vacant Buildings, Vanished Dreams project (an affinity project supported by Workforce Development Institute) as they offer mulit-media tours of the neighborhood, and Breathing These Words poets with live poetry walks amidst the first weekend of Breathing Lights installations.
  • Check out Brenda Ann Kenneally’s exhibition North Troy Peoples’ History Museum and StoryCandles, just 1/2 block South of Freedom Square, at NATURE Lab, 3334 6th Ave., Troy, NY  




Chill Smith

Chill Smith is a collective of DJs & Producers in the Capital Region sharing a depth of music knowledge & raw soul allowing the group to connect with all!

North Troy Peoples’ History Museum and Story Candles
Location: NATURE Lab, 3334 6th Ave., Troy, NY   
Brenda Kenneally’s North Troy Peoples’ History Museum explores the changes and evolution of families in this neighborhood. It is sited in the former home of the family she chronicled for her project “Upstate Girls.” After the family was forced to leave, the building was left vacant and fell into disrepair. It was acquired by The Sanctuary for Independent Media and repurposed into a community bio art space.

Story Candles, created by Brenda Kenneally, co-produced by Kathryn Draper with additional support from Stacey Draper and others at the Rensselaer County Historical Society, is a 16-foot cargo trailer transformed into a participatory travelling installation to honor the children from Breathing Lights’ communities whose lives have ended too soon. The “memory bank” is a collection of words, pictures and audio reflections culled from these communities to form an open-ended collage to keep the stories of these young people alive. Many thanks to the dedicated artists and research librarians who made this installation possible. 

Full run – North Troy Peoples’ History Museum: 9/30 – 11/30 . By appointment. Visit www.mediasanctuary.org for reservations.

Vacant Buildings, Vanished Dreams
Location: Freedom Square, 39 5th Avenue, Troy

In collaboration with the Workforce Development Institute, this experimental media arts mapping project includes walking tours led by Neighborhood Ambassadors in the community immediately surrounding The Sanctuary and expresses working people’s economic, social and personal experiences as they struggle to survive amidst urban blight. Featured videos include works by Youth Media Sanctuary, media artist Julie Caspar Roth and artist Melissa Sarris.






Breathing These Words

Troy-based poets and performers, Nancy Klepsch and Danielle Colin Charlestin, along with other poets and writers, will perform Breathing These Words, a pop-up poetry project that will involve scattered poetry readings at vacant buildings connected to Breathing Lights, as well as community-based instruction for students and seniors.