An Irresistible Resistance Dinner hosted by The Yes Men, with special guest Franklin Lopez

Date(s) - Saturday 04/29/2017
8:45 pm - 11:00 pm

An Evening You Can’t Forget (no matter how hard you try) in support of The Sanctuary for Independent Media!

Food and Hosting by The Yes Men

Entertainment by Franklin López of Submedia.TV Food!

Six courses of organic local cuisine–each one containing a lesson of resistance explained by Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men.  Action!   Franklin Lopéz, radical media activist of Submedia.TV fresh from Standing rock, slinging incisive video clips to get your gears cranking. 

Franklin López is an anarchist filmmaker from occupied Borikén (Puerto Rico.) He is the founder of, an independent video ensemble that cranks out anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial films and agit-prop.

The films are not your run of the mill activist videos, but snarky music driven productions that emphasize humor and creativity and are unabashedly radical.

You will leave with a full stomach, a stimulated mind, and that deep sense of satisfaction knowing you are helping the Sanctuary survive and resist!