"Be The Media!" Visual Journalism: Comics and Graphic Novels

Date(s) - Sunday 05/09/2010
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Visual Journalism and Arts Activism: A Panel Discussion and Workshop With World War 3 Illustrated Artists

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An arts activism intensive with members of the World War Three Illustrated collective, including a discussion on zines and comix, and a hands-on collaborative workshop to make a digital mini-comic.

1-3 PM– Small Press and DIY Publishing and Promotion of Activist Comics and Zines (Panel discussion with World War 3 Artists/Editors.) Digital tools make it easier and cheaper than ever for individuals, groups and collectives to publish comics independently. But the most significant challenge remains that of creating work that is relevant and responsive to the community it represents. What are the opportunities for using the comic medium for social change? What strategies and tools are artist activists using to get their work out into the community, and how is that changing?

3-5 PM– Comics and Graphic Novels As Citizen Journalism (Hands On Workshop) Participants learn what makes an effective political/social justice comic, and how to explore an issue through first-hand accounts, satire and visual storytelling. Workshop includes the making of a collaborative mini-comic.


World War Three Illustrated collective Workshop Leaders include:

REBECCA MIGDAL–an editor of WW 3 ILLUSTRATED and webmaster of worldwar3illustrated.org, will present an original puppet show.  She is the creator of THE YES MEN comic strip, and author of ROSETTA STONE and other self published comics.

SETH TOBOCMAN–a founding editor of WW 3 ILLUSTRATED, he is the author of YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCK PEOPLE OVER TO SURVIVE, WAR IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, DISASTER AND RESISTANCE, PORTRAITS OF ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS, and UNDERSTANDING THE CRASH.  He will project his comics with live spoken word and music by Eric Blitz, Andy Laties and Zef Noise.

SANDY JIMENEZ–a WW 3 ILLUSTRATED editor, cartoonist, and author of the long running Shit-House-Poet series.  He is also a screen writer and motion picture director, whose comic book story “Skips” was adapted into a short film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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