Be the Media workshop: WOOC 105.3FM Producer Training

Date(s) - Saturday 05/07/2016
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Slowly but surely we’re getting under way with local programming at WOOC 105.3 FM now that our technical issues have more or less stabilized.  (At the moment we’re running syndicated news & public affairs shows from Pacifica Radio during drive time, and a reggae/world music mix otherwise.)

We’re hoping to start local programming M-F afternoons SOON with a block of regional news & public affairs daily for an hour (or two, depending how our capacity develops) across the week during drive time.

During this workshop, we’ll start training people interested in being “producers” for these news shows.  This will involve scheduling guests for live on-air in-studio and telephone appearances, prerecording interviews and producing segments, finding appropriate content online and elsewhere, etc.  Some folks might want to do both host and producer training, others might want to do one or the other depending on their interests and availability (hosts will have to be available for live air shifts one or more times a week, producers can work behind the scenes and at odd hours).

For now, we’ll be focusing all of our radio resources on developing these collectively-produced drive time programs.  The content will be local and regional with a global perspective, taking on the kinds of issues we’ve been highlighting over the past decade with our Sanctuary programming.  

Any questions, contact Steve @ [email protected]