Bees and the Cooperative Community / Potluck / “Forming Gift / Free / Mutual Aid / Barter Networks” with Caroline Woolard

Date(s) - Saturday 05/06/2017 - 05/07/2017
9:00 pm - 1:00 am

5-6 PM Bees and the Cooperative Community
with CCG gardeners Azure Keahi and Christian Grigoraskos
An introduction to urban beekeeping. Reflect upon the importance of cooperative action!

6-7 PM Community Potluck

7-9 PM “Forming Gift / Free / Mutual Aid / Barter Networks” with Caroline Woolard

Artist and organizer Caroline Woolard begins the workshop with a quick presentation on seven solidarity economy models that establish local wealth and community resilience. Participants will then work in small groups to brainstorm ways to refine and adapt these models to the Sactuary and the surrounding neighborhood.

The models Caroline will present include local currency, worker-owned businesses tied to anchor institutions (The Cleveland Model and Project Eats), real estate investment cooperatives (based on ), barter-based learning spaces (based on ), and mutual aid agreements for sacred operations (based on ,, AS220 and WOW Cafe Theater).

Check out: “A politics of cooperation: Caroline Woolard on free culture, fine art, and everyday life,” for images and writing about her work!

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More about the Sanctuary’s goals

Our community is already very much involved in bartering, gifting with the intention of supporting each other, building out the work of the Sanctuary – and moreover, building physical infrastructure and a place to grow, live, and provide resources to help each other. We welcome new ideas Caroline and other will bring to the table here!!

A little bit of background: we have/own/develop seven lots on the block in North Troy on 6th Avenue between Glen Avenue and 101st Street. This is an economically devastated area and we have purchased abandoned lots transforming them into community gardens, soil remediation centers, environmental education hubs, presentation areas, food forests, an aquaponics center, media centers and art galleries, and a soon-to-come citizen science center. All of these areas serve the very local community and beyond. We consider this our “campus,” if you will – and focus this living learning campus on issues of social and environmental justice.

More about Caroline Woolard 

Caroline Woolard (b. 1984) is a New York-based artist whoco-creates projects and systems for the solidarity economy. Her feminist, transdisciplinary method connects discrete objects to aligned contexts of circulation. For example, Woolard builds sculptures for barter only as she also co-creates international barter networks; she fabricates model Shaker housing and she also co-convenes organizers of community land trusts; she co-creates card games for the commons as she also directs a study center for group work.

The multi-year institutions Caroline Woolard has co-founded include barter networks (2008-2016); (2009-2017); cross-sector organizing network SolidarityNYC (2009-2013); cultural equity advocacy group (2014-2017); and the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (2015-2017). Recent commissions include WOUND, Cooper Union (2016); and Capitoline Wolves, Cornell University (2016), and MoMA Studio: Exchange Café (2014). Group exhibitions include Crossing Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum (2014); and Living as Form, Creative Time (2011). Woolard’s work has been supported by residencies at LMCC (2017); NewInc (2016); MoMA (2014); Queens Museum (2014); and Watermill (2011) and through fellowships at Eyebeam (2013); and the MacDowell Colony (2009).