Black August People’s Clinic

Date(s) - Friday 08/21/2020
5:00 am - 8:00 pm

Collard City Growers

• Community Resources • Protest Safety
• COVID-19 Safety
• Water Justice Info
• Collard City Growers • Herbal Remedies


People’s Health Sanctuary/ NATURE Lab

I am Negrx

Urban Grief

Troy Central Little League

Troy 4 Black Lives



People’s Health Sanctuary

As part of the Sanctuary for Independent Media’s growing Nature LAB, the People’s Health Sanctuary’s goal is to establish a central space to share health skills, provide basic integrative care and explore ways to build networks of community health.

This project has been created in direct response to the NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center Community Design Think Tank, which identified the critical need for self-care and resources for care in the community.

The People’s Health Sanctuary is focused on the care we share, need and desire. So many of us give care to loved ones, children, those suffering in our lives, those we want to be well, in our work lives, at home, in ourselves and beyond. Though caring for our elders, our children, or cooking soul-nourishing food for family or friends may not be deemed ‘real’ healthcare, they know that in fact, it’s what holds us together and keeps us sane.n a time where self-care can become co-opted by messages of consumerism; we want to create a space that truly nourishes ourselves and each other.

We’ll offer an array of health modalities you can experience and a space where you can share care as well, if you choose. We’ll also offer free blood pressure screenings and train you on how to take your own blood pressure!

To join our growing network, contact [email protected]

Led by JJ Luceno and Dr. Frank Coughlin, out growing network sharing skills to build a space where creative, joyful health is possible and accessible.

People’s Health Sanctuary/NATURE Lab Health Needs Survey
We care about the health of the neighborhood and know it takes more than hospitals and clinics to be healthy. We are working to create a free community health space in the neighborhood that would offer fun classes, support groups, medical advice, and holistic health practices. We’d like to know what types of things you’d like to see offered, ask if you want to join in, and hear about ideas or skills you have!

What do you need to be healthy?
What would a health space designed for you look like? What activities/services would you like to see offered?
What are the strengths you see in your home, your neighborhood, and your community?
What do you see as the biggest health needs of the neighborhood?
Do you have a skill that you’d like to teach or share?

If you’d like to be part of the organizing team or kept up to date, please let us know!