Christine Salem

Date(s) - Tuesday 10/08/2013 - 10/09/2013
11:00 pm - 2:00 am

Christine Salem sings dangerous tunes that rouse the spirits and challenge the authorities – which means that her shows are as controversial as they are spellbinding. The rousing deep-voiced singer from Réunion Island – the multi-ethnic French province in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar – performs maloya, a blues-likemusic rooted in the work songs and chants of the island’s African slaves. Rising up from a troubled childhood on the streets of Saint-Denis, Salem has become the greatest living champion of maloya,  infusing the trance-inducing blend of voices and percussionwith fresh  inspiration and contemporary influences.

WHERE? The Sanctuary for Independent Media (3361 6th Avenue, Troy, NY)


Previously performing at the  wellknown theater Webster Hall, Salem  always puts on a mesmerizing show.  Her music is a mix of a percussion  instrument called a kayanm, which is  made from the seeds, stems, and  flowers of sugar cane, and four  different languages – Creole,  Malagasy, Comorian and Swahili.  Before making her way into the spot  light after a breath-taking  performance at the Australasian  Worldwide Music Expo, Salem kept her job as a social worker and a summer camp leader all the way up until October of 2012.

“She has a potent, indefatigable contralto, and most of her songs are terse chant-like melodies.” – The New York Times

“Salem’s exceptionally rich voice and fiery stage presence easily transcends any and allcultural barriers”- National Public Radio News

“Christine Salem is surely the queen of maloya, her powerful voice and intense presence creating a trance music of great power.” – Songlines Magazines

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