Community Media Quilts Project

Date(s) - Saturday 10/17/2009
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

It’s not all electronic! Share in a collective celebration of the history of community media with this quilt-making workshop.

Bring your community media t-shirts that you cherish, but no longer wear, and we will add them to our quilt. Whether you are an experienced quilter and/or sewer, or someone whose always wanted to participate, join us!  Please note: This is a two-day event, beginning on Saturday, October 17, and continuing on Sunday, October 18.  Simone, our Youth Leader Quilter, shows her creative work!

The final quilt will be auctioned in the Spring ’10 season as part of our upcoming 5th Anniversary Celebration…

Lynn Miller, San Francisco quilter, and Simone Stiegler Sleepr, our Youth Leader quilter, will help with this workshop! Please join us!

Below is an example of a similar quilt project at the 2008 Grassroots Radio Conference!  This GRC quilt is made from great community radio t-shirts. Each GRC conference the quilt is raffled, with the winner bringing it back the next year to be raffled again.

PS We actually have in our donation box a few of these t-shirts to make in our quilt– Prometheus Radio’s great flame, and Pacifica Radio’s “Feel the Love.”  Please check out your old community media t-shirts and add to our SANCTUARY QUILT!