Community potluck welcoming the "Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear Free Future"

Image of the monks and nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji Peace Pagoda leading a Walk for a Nuclear Free FutureHelp us welcome the “Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear Free Future” as the walkers pass through Troy on their journey from Boston to Albany. Bring a dish and join us for supper at the Missing Street Ministry (across from Freedom Square, corner of 5th and 6th Avenues and 101st Street, a few doors north of The Sanctuary for Independent Media)!

They will walk a total of 300 miles, beginning each day at 8 am and typically walking 15-18 miles per day. The walkers will be spending their night in Troy at the Missing Link Street Ministry.

Feel free to join the walkers at any point for any length of time–see the schedule below.  Please respect that the walk will be free of drugs, alcohol and weapons.  If you plan to join them for more than a day, please bring a sleeping bag.  For more information, contact Tim Bullock 413-485-8469, Julie MacDonald 518-307-2715, or email [email protected]
Initiated by the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist order (based at the Grafton Peace Pagoda) in solidarity with all those affected by the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nucear power plant in Japan, the walk is also a cry out against the U.S. nuclear industry–especially efforts to extend the operation of plants in Plymouth, MA (Pilgrim nuclear power plant), Seabrook, NH (Seabrook nuclear power plant) and Vernon, VT (Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant).

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan. This earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami.   As a result the Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered explosions and created a very serious nuclear crisis, which continues even now. Radiation contamination continues to pollute the air, water and food supplies in that area. People continue to become ill and others have died from radiation poisoning.  There is no sound plan in place for resolution.  Radiation levels continue to be higher than that of levels following the Chernobyl accident.  It is still unknown what the long term affects will be on the people and the environment.
The marchers support the strong stance that regional governors have taken with regard the relicensing of nuclear power plants in their states. Even with much community concern, safety risks and ongoing structural issues with these plants (which range in age from 26-46 yrs old), the energy corporations continue to fight to extend licenses up to 2032. Many of the reactors in these states are similar to the ones in Japan that have been affected by the recent tsunami and earthquake.  Contamination of the ground, water and air are an ongoing occurrence at all of these plants.  In NH and MA there are more than 100,000 people living within the deadly 10 mile radius of these plants.
The marchers call on us to search earnestly for alternative energy sources and question as well our mass consumption of energy, which continues to bring negative consequences to the Earth and all living things.  They ask us to unite in solidarity to protect ourselves and the resources of Mother Earth.
And so, they say, each step will be a prayer toward World Peace and a Nuclear Free future.

                                 Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear Free Future Itinerary

7/16 (Sat) Rally to End the Nuclear Age Boston MA Copley Square 2-5 pm

7/17 (Sun) Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant Plymouth – Duxbury  

7/18 (Mon) Duxbury – North Scituate

7/19 (Tues) North Scituate – Quincy

7/20 (Wed) Quincy – Saugus

7/21 (Thurs) Saugus – South Hamilton

7/22 (Fri) South Hamilton – Newburyport

7/23 (Sat) Newburyport Seabrook NPP – Seabrook NH 

7/24 (Sun) Seabrook NH – Haverhill MA                                                             

7/25 (Mon) Rest Day

7/26 (Tues) Haverhill – Nashua NH

7/27 (Wed) Nashua NH – Wilton

7/28 (Thurs) Wilton – Jaffrey

7/29 (Fri) Jaffrey – Keene

7/30 (Sat) Keene – Vermont Yankee Power Plant, Vernon VT

7/31 (Sun) Rest Day

8/01 (Mon) Brattleboro Wilmington

8/02 (Tues) Wilmington Bennington

8/03 (Wed) Bennington – Petersburg  NY

8/04 (Thurs) Petersburg – Grafton

8/05 (Fri) Grafton Peace Pagoda  Hiroshima Day Ceremony 8:30 pm

8/06 (Sat) Grafton – Troy

8/07 (Sun) Troy Knowles Nuclear Lab Niskayuna

8/08 (Mon) National Lead Industries DU Nuclear Dumping Site Colonie

8/09 (Tues) Nagasaki Day – Fasting at Albany Capital Building