Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Roger Hallam to Speak in Troy on Climate Crisis

Mar. 03
Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Roger Hallam to Speak in Troy on Climate Crisis
Date(s) - Tuesday 03/03/2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Sanctuary for Independent Media


PLEASE NOTE: Roger was unable to get permission to enter the U.S. so he’s Skyping in! Admission to the all-ages event is by donation ($10 suggested, $5 student/low income).

What can we all do to avert catastrophe and avoid extinction? 

Roger Hallam has answers.  In his new book, “Common Sense for the 21st
Century: Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and
Social Collapse,” Roger Hallam outlines how movements around the world
need to come together now to start doing what works: engaging in mass
civil disobedience to make real change happen.  The book gives people
the tools to understand not only why mass disruption, mass arrests,
and mass sacrifice are necessary but also details how to carry out
acts of civil disobedience effectively, respectfully and nonviolently.
It bypasses contemporary political theory, and instead is inspired by
Thomas Paine, the pragmatic 18th-century revolutionary whose pamphlet
Common Sense sparked the American Revolution.  “Common Sense for the
21st Century” urges us to confront the truth about climate change and
argues forcefully that only a revolution of society and the state,
similar to the turn that Paine urged the Americans to take into the
political unknown, can save us now.

In April 2018, Roger Hallam met with a group of 15 activists,
environmentalists, and scientists in a café in Bristol. Along with
Gail Bradbrook and Simon Bramwell, he and others founded Extinction
Rebellion.  A former organic farmer and long-time climate change
activist, Hallam has been on successful hunger strikes, been arrested
10 times and has served a prison term, all in the service of
preventing a climate catastrophe.

He holds nothing back: “Life as we know it is over, hell is on the
way, and the only half decent thing to do now is to rebel against the
governments which are planning the death of our children.  What
scientists have told us endlessly for 30 years is now coming true.
Climate breakdown is now everywhere.  We face social collapse, war and
starvation–and extinction.”

Speaking stops:

Washington DC
Troy NY
Kansas City
Salt Lake City
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Roger inspired Extinction Rebellion with his paper “Pivoting to the
Real Issue,” which argued that a mass nonviolent rebellion against the
regimes leading the world toward destruction was now both possible and
necessary.  Extinction Rebellion has chapters in more than 70
countries.  Extinction Rebellion/Capital Region is one of them.  XRCR
is online at: www.xrcr.life

Roger is coming to the United States to tell the American people that
life as they know it is over–climate and ecological breakdown and the
collapse of our weather patterns is now inevitable.  He says that huge
fires, massive floods and new diseases will only get many times worse.
The only sane response in his view is immediate nonviolent mass civil
disobedience against the governments responsible for this outrage, and
to promote the mass mobilization plan of Extinction Rebellion in

He will be speaking to activists and supporters but most importantly
to ordinary Americans to remind them of their own rebellious history
and what democracy really means–government by the people for the

This talk by Roger Hallam at The Sanctuary for Independent Media is
made possible by volunteer labor, thousands of small donations and
invaluable support from many organizations.

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located in an historic former church in Troy, NY.  The Sanctuary hosts
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