Freedom Festival

Date(s) - Saturday 06/07/2014 - 06/08/2014
5:00 pm - 1:00 am

Join us for music, food, and fun with the PitchBlak Brass band, Brooklyn-based players of hip-hop from the 1980s to the present day, and Oobleck, a funk-based instrumental horn band from the Capital Region, performing outdoors on the Freedom Square stage. Check here for an update on how the event went! Freedom Festival 2K14 In Review


1-4pm Workshops and activities:

  • Eco-Action: Aquatic Biodiversity of the Hudson”

Go fishing in the Hudson River with Brandon Ballengée, a well known visual artists, biologist, and environmental activist in New York! At Ingalls Ave. on the Hudson (proposed site of Boat Launch). Transpoation will be available from Freedom Square.

  • Freedom Flag Making with Jillian Hirsch

Modeled after the Tibetan Prayer Flags of ancient times, share your visions for freedom and hopes for Troy in this creative arts workshop. The freedom flags will adorn Freedom Square and areas around Troy.

  • Solar Power in Troy

Anasha Cummings, along with Transition Troy, will offer a demo about solar power!

  • Troy Bike Rescue BikeCraft Table

Join members of Troy Bike Rescue and decorate your helmets and bikes!

  • Troy Alley Action Sanctuary Mural Community Design Input

Troy Alley Action will lead the community in the painting of a mural on the front facade of The Sanctuary for Independent Media this summer.  Community input welcomed! Join us in the design process, with Barb Nelson and Meredith Best.

  • Veggie Mobile

Capital District Community Garden’s Veggie Mobile is a mobile market that travels to Freedom Square every Saturday at 3pm! 

  • DIY: Make Yogurt at Home

Learn about milk cultures and how to use them to create tasy, healthy dairy and non-dairy yogurt treats easily and inexpensively at home, with Aurore Ballengee.

***See attachment at bottom of page, for printing out the “DIY: Make Yogurt” at Home Instructions

4pm Community meal: BBQ and POTLUCK! Bring your favorite dishes to share with people, anything! Featuring food from:

  • Pastor Willie’s Barbeque
  • Chef’s Consortium
  • Soul Cafe 


A portion of the meal is going to be made using called food. Called food is food that is about to, or has already hit the “sell by” or “expire” date. This food is still good and healthy to eat, but because stores cannot keep it on their shelves past that labeled date, inmany cases they throw it away. Many people misinterpret these “use by” dates and end up throwing away 40% of food in America. This is roughly equivalent to $165 billion dollars in wasted food anually! 

5pm Music with two bands: Oobleck and Pitchblak Brass band!