Futurefarmers Artist Demonstration Garden with Amy Franceschini

Date(s) - Friday 10/17/2014 - 10/18/2014
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

REGISTER at: mediasanctuary.org/workshopregistration

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call (518) 272-2390.

Sow an artist demonstration ancient grains garden plot with agrarian-activist scarecrows, create a community seed exchange, and make media messages to cultivate consciousness!

In this workshop Amy Franceschini of the collective Futurefarmers will work with participants to sow ancient grains and make Agrarian-Activist Scarecrows at the Collard City lots on 6th Ave. (between Glen and 101st St.). 

Local grain experts, Howard Stoner, farmer/researcher, and Amy Halloran, writer and grain grower, will also contribute with the grain planting, grain husking, grain milling and pancake making. Also, contributing will be farmer and permaculture expert, Rebekah Rice, of Nine Mile Farm. The workshop will be a brainstorming session on mapping the local network of actors who contribute to a regional food system.


More About this Workshop

Let’s sow seeds. It is a magical experience. The land will need to be slightly tilled, turned. We will invite along people who are growing ancient grains to share first-hand their knowledge. The workshop will be a brainstorming session on mapping the regional network of actors who contribute to a regional food system. We will also start the beginnings of a seed library.

We will introduce a range of great agrarian activists and then portray them as scarecrow. The goal is to “scare” away industrial agriculture during the sowing of ancient grains. We are looking for “civil disobedients” who have acted on our behalf and brought about consciousness and change in these realms:

  • land use
  • land access
  • intellectual property
  • labor issues
  • environmental justice

Here are some on Amy’s list:

  • José Bové
  • Will Allen
  • Rachel Carson
  • Lois Gibbs
  • Ignacio Chapela
  • Vandana Shiva
  • Subcommondante Marcos
  • Caesar Chavez
  • Tim DeChristopher

Do you have any that have inspired you or affected your life? 

More about the artist:

San Francisco based artist Amy Franceschini and founding member of Futurefarmers will lead a two-day ancient grains workshop, Futurefarmers Artist Demonstration Garden, at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. She will work with participants to sow heritage grains, discuss the need for seed exchanges, and create Agrarian- Acitvist Sacrecrows.

Futurefarmers is a group of diverse practitioners aligned through an interest in making work that is relevant to the time and place surrounding us. Founded in 1995, the design studio serves as a platform to support art projects, an artist-in-residence program and shared research interests. They are artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers with a common interest in creating frameworks for exchange that catalyze moments of “not knowing”. Their work often provides a playful entry point and tools for participants to gain insight into deeper fields of inquiry- not only to imagine, but to participate in and initiate change in the places we live. – http://www.futurefarmers.com/#about

Events are sponsored by NATURE Lab (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) – a branch of The Sanctuary for Independent Media, with grants from New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Many thanks to The School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science at Rensselaer and iEAR Presents!