Guerrilla Midwife

Date(s) - Saturday 03/31/2012
11:00 pm

A record number of babies attended this screening!

Guerrilla Midwife depicts the courage of mothers and their midwives as they hold hands across barriers of language and culture, guiding us toward a reinvention of medical protocols. It is the story of a war waged gently in the belief that peace on earth can be achieved, one baby at a time.

The evening will start with a 6 PM potluck supper.  Join us and bring something to share!

At 7 PM the feature will be preceded by a short video by journalist Erin Colligan highlighting the work of  local midwife K. Michelle Doyle.

A Q&A with local midwives will follow the screening.

Co-sponsored by Local Care Midwifery, Birthnet, and The Pregnancy Project.