Hands-on "crowd-funding" workshop with Yes Man Mike Bonanno!


04/27/2015 - 04/28/2015    
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

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Join us for a free hands-on crowd-funding workshop! Purposefully designed to help raise money for our new radio station, WOOC – with a bonus – you simultaneously get to learn from Sanctuary board member Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men about the “Art of Crowd-funding.”

In the workshop, we will be generating the content for and carrying out a fundraising campaign for our new radio station. We will cover basic best practices for running such a campaign – whether its on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or in our case, using our own system independent of the platforms.

During our time together, we will have fun writing several fundraising emails, facebook posts, tweets, and videos. We will even do lots of old-school phone banking, directly connecting with Sanctuary supporters to try to get the dollars flowing in and the radio station off the ground.

Join us for this entertaining and informative evening!

About Mike:
Mike Bonanno has run several crowdfunding campaigns that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in total – including $145,000 in one Kickstarter campaign for his new Film The Yes Men are Revolting, which had its US Premiere at the Sanctuary last November. He is eager to help you learn anything he knows about it!

More about this Workshop/ Outline:  

Brief overview of how a crowd-funding campaign typically works, covering elements

Telethon work – since this is the core of our campaign, and it has to happen at a reasonable hour, we’re going to start with it. Learning by doing, we will use a basic script, we will call all the sanctuary supporters.
writing emails to the list.

Best practices —

  • Learn how to develop a narrative arc for the campaign.
  • We’ll strategize writing facebook posts – what they should do, how often they should go out, etc. What should they say? How do we get people to spread them?
  • Explore writing tweets – what they should be, how to use them, should we bother with them?
  • Review how to get placement in media, blogs, etc.
  • Brainstorm what online and print media might cover the crowdfunding campaign – how that can be used for feeding social media
  • Creating video content that can be shared. What it can do? Depending on the level of enthusiasm we might do it…