Indymedia Film Festival: Where Do We Go from Here?

Ten years after the Battle of Seattle and the explosion of global grassroots citizen journalism, known as Indymedia, the legacy reverberates in villages, cities, and countrysides around the world. Join us for a retrospective screening of seminal indymedia films, including, This is What Democracy Looks Like, Fourth World War, A Tribute to Brad Will and plenty of others.



The film festival will go all day and include a potluck dinner, followed by music by Persian-American musician Haale.

Schedule for Saturday, November 7th.

  • 2 PM This is What Democracy Looks Like

    The definitive story of the “Battle for Seattle,” shot by more than 100 media activists and narrated by Susan Sarandon and Michael Franti with music from Rage Against the Machine.

  • 4 PM Indymedia Showcase

    A selection of new work and classics by independent media makers joining us from Maine, Worcester MA, Binghamton, Rochester and the NY Capital Region plus a tribute to Brad Will and more.

  • 6 PM Potluck

    Dine with our visiting Indymedia guests!

  • 7 PM The Fourth World War

    “A powerful, radical cry from the frontlines of the war on people.  This film captures the spirit of resistance: it is as beautiful and global as humanity itself.”  Naomi Klein


  • 9 PM Haale

           Help us cap off the Indymedia 10th Anniversary Film Festival with a performance by the stunning            Persian- American singer/songwriter/poet Haale.



This is What Democracy Looks Like 


This Is What Democracy Looks Like weaves together gripping video with narration by SUSAN SARANDON and music by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE to tell the real story of what happened in the streets of Seattle
during the 1999 WTO protests.

With more cameras on the street than any other media organization, the Independent Media Center (IMC) coordinated hundreds of media activists and collected more than 300 hours of video footage during the WTO protests. This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a co-production of the IMC and Big Noise Films, weaves the footage of over 100 videographers into a gripping document of what really happened on Seattle’s streets. The film cuts through the confusion and tear gas to paint an intimate, passionate portrait of a week that changed the world.

With narration by SUSAN SARANDON and SPEARHEAD’s MICHAEL FRANTI, and with a driving soundtrack including RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, DJ SHADOW, DJ MUSAKA, and COMPANY OF PROPHETS, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE is the first documentary to capture the raw energy of the WTO protests, while clarifying their global and historic significance.

The Independent Media Center provided a production infrastructure for over 450 media activists during the WTO protests in November 1999. With autonomous, volunteer-run media centers operating in four continents, ten countries and twenty-one cities, the IMC represents a new and powerful emerging model for independent media.

“The IMC isn’t waiting for the old guard media to tell the true story. . . the IMC is simply doing the job itself, reporting directly from the front lines…” – Naomi Klein, author of NO LOGO

Bradley Roland Will (1970-2006) was a U.S. anarchist, documentary filmmkaer and journalist with Indymedia New York City.  He was shot and killed on October 27, 2006, during the teachers’ strike in the Mexican city of Oaxaca.