Luísa Maita: The New Voice of Brazil

Date(s) - Sunday 03/30/2014 - 03/31/2014
11:00 pm - 2:00 am

Join us for a performance of original Brazilian music by internationally renowned and award-winning singer/songwriter Luísa Maita.

Sultry, seductive, and infused with that inimitable samba swing, the music of Luísa Maita embodies the modern spirit of Brazil. Inspired by the bustling urban life found in her native city of São Paulo, her first album, Lero-Lero, has a contemporary vibe with influences from alternative pop and downtempo electronic music melded with an acoustic foundation deeply rooted in samba, bossa nova and MPB. Fans of Babel Gilberto, Céu and Seu Jorge will find much to love in Luísa Maita’s tropical, forward-looking sound, and her sensual, yet soulful voice begs comparisons with everyone from Billie Holliday and Sade to Feist, St. Vincent and Cat Power. Hailing from a country overflowing with musical talent, Luísa Maita rises above the fray as one of the most promising young singers of her generation.

Inspired by samba, bossa nova and other classic Brazilian styles, Luísa is also heavily influenced by the cool jazz of Billie Holiday and Chet Baker, as well as pop, funk, and downtempo electronic music. Her first album as a solo artist, Lero-Lero, offers songs that encourage her fellow Brazilians to recognize the beauty and deeper meaning of their lives. “Its inspiration comes from the urban life of São Paulo, its ghettos and its people,” notes Louisa. “The lyrics and the aura of the album focus on the peculiarities of Brazilian daily life, culture, and human condition.”

“Far more than just the latest alluring young singer from Brazil, Maita distills the ceaseless urban clamor with street-smart lyrics, knowing grooves, and a keen ear for São Paulo’s heterogeneous population… Maita makes a striking first impression. Confident, crystal clear, and startlingly sensuous even by the seductive standard set by preceding Brazilian stars, her voice conveys the mercurial emotions of youth as she sings about love, the search for identity, and the intoxicating pleasures of hanging out with friends.”

– Andrew Gilbert, The Boston Globe