Mushroom Day with Ecovative!

Date(s) - Tuesday 04/09/2019
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Learn how to grow materials compatible to the earth, and reduce the amount of plastic, with this overview of the development of mycelium materials. Followed by a “grow-it-yourself” workshop. 

Ecovative Design LLC is a biomaterials company headquartered in Green Island, New York that provides sustainable alternatives to plastics and polystyrene foams for packaging, building materials and other applications by using mushroom technology.

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First 20 people to register in advance will be able to reserve their own table! 


Ecovative is a diverse group of engineers, biologists, artists and designers — dedicated to the development of high-performance, environmentally conscious materials. Creating next generation materials through mycelium biofabrication, and making these capabilities and materials ubiquitous and accessible to everyone, from bespoke local producers to industrial scale facilities. “We help people around the world grow better materials for everyday needs.”

“Packaging food with food to reduce waste” -New York Times

“Can mushrooms be that platform we build our future on?” –

“Bioengineered Bacon? The Entrepreneur behind mushroom-root packaging says his test version is tasty” -Forbes 

“A startup that turns mushrooms into IKEA packaging has introduced a new platform that could change the way lab-grown meat is made” -Business Insider

“Wiping out polystyrene with fungus and farm waster” -Wired 

Co-Sponsored by: Design for America 


Vik | R&D Engineer

Victor serves as both a Research Scientist and Engineer for Ecovative joining in 2019. He has a B.S. in both Biology and Mechanical Engineering from the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University. With years of uncommon experience spanning from research to startups, he offers diverse and critical insights that streamline systems and generate creatively effective solutions. He loves biking on a fixie and designing with a sustainable focus on interiors, systems, and consumer products.

Sam | MycoFlex Lab Technician

Sam began working at Ecovative in 2018 and holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Ithaca College. Sam grew a full chess set out of mycelium as an undergrad to show the possibilities of growing complicated shapes with mycelium. His background in exploring the possibilities of fungus as a sustainable fabrication material allowed for the transition to a research technician position here at Ecovative.

Danielle | Industrial Designer

Danielle is Ecovative’s Packaging and Product Designer. She studied Industrial Design and Packaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a focus in sustainability. After that she worked as a community garden organizer for almost two years. On the side, she has her illustrations published in two books. When she’s not at work, Danielle can be spotted on a bicycle, in the mountains, or perhaps even writing bad poetry.

Luke | Engineering Technician

Luke started at Ecovative in 2018 as an Engineering Intern and now works developing the presence of Ecovative on our Instagram. He is pursuing dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Design at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Before college, Luke served in the Air Force as a Photojournalist and Public Affairs specialist.

Grace | Industrial Designer

Grace Knight is a Designer, Artist, and Woodworker on Ecovative’s Marketing team. Grace believes designs taste best over-easy with a sprinkle of science on top, bridging the Market needs with the capabilities of R&D. Grace holds a BFA in Industrial Design with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies from Rhode Island School of Design, and was awarded the Yousef Karsh Student of Design Science Award in 2016 and the Rachel Carson Award in 2018.

NATURE Lab [North Troy Art Technology and Urban Research in Ecology] is the Sanctuary’s resident ecological education program. NATURE Lab promotes sustainability, and urban research in ecology using art, technology and science. Programming is open to novices and experts alike. We are currently in development of the NATURE Lab Urban Environmental Center, a resource for community science.