Reverend Billy and The Church of Life After Shopping

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir are coming to Troy!

The rumours are true.  Join us on Friday night, December 18, for a Shopocalyptic Revival.  The Rev, the choir and members of the Not Buying It band promises our old church a performance we will not forget.

Confess your shopping sins! Cast out the demons of overconsumption! Go beyond the market to a life after shopping! Strangalleiuah, children!



The Rev says: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit. Blessed are the jobless who force us to change the economy. Blessed are the homeless who unlock empty buildings. Blessed are the evicted who resist with their children watching! Blessed are the broke who re-introduce the what-can-I-do-for-no-money? Blessed are the re-cycled gifts and home-made art and swap-o-ramas and farmer’s markets. Blessed is the local Christmas. Local-ujah!

On this tour there is no room in the inn. We are not paid much – but our hosts have a lot to share. We’re forced out into public space, nuzzled by cows and sheep with angels over-head! Out into the commons, out into the new funky Garden of Eden. We’re starting over!”