Riverkeeper Community Scientist Celebration

Date(s) - Friday 11/01/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Sanctuary for Independent Media

Join us as we celebrate the 2019 Riverkeeper Water Quality sampling season and the volunteer partners who make it possible to gather samples from the Hudson River Watershed from May through October, with a focus on those working in the Upper Hudson River and Mohawk Delta.


There will be a Water Quality Sampler Award, a presentation, and a screening of the short film A Living River from National Geographic filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and featuring Dan Shapley. Afterwards, we will explore how Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program, our partners, and community scientists answer the question, “How’s the water?”

The Riverkeeper Water Quality team and The Sanctuary for Independent Media staff will be on hand to talk about their work. Bring your friends, family and community members to celebrate the hard work of our Community Scientists and our shared commitment to clean water.

This event is FREE and open to all and we will provide some “stone soup” as well!

Riverkeeper was established in 1966 and was first known as the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association when local fishers formed the group to reverse the effects of pollution by factories on the river. They have three missions: “guarding your waterways, defending clean drinking water, and finding solutions.” While there have been significant strides to clean the river, much work is still needed and budget cuts in government funding and climate change are causing these missions to get harder. “Riverkeeper’s vision is of a Hudson teeming with life, with engaged communities boating, fishing and swimming throughout its watershed.” They are well on their way.

To learn more about Riverkeeper and this event, listen to this interview done with the organizers.