Safeguarding Sources: Encryption and Trauma Protection with "National Bird" director Sonia Kennebeck

This workshop offers a general overview exploring the ethics and challenges of investigating and documenting high-stakes, dangerous and traumatic situations and events. Sonya will share strategies for preparing for a high-risk project, including assessing the risk of a project.

From Standing Rock to Ferguson, documentary filmmakers, journalists and other media crew find themselves forced to work in increasingly dangerous or sensitive conditions. Many documentarians may not know their legal rights or may not have the skills or tools to protect themselves or their crew and subjects. This workshop seeks to expand source protection to cover more than just encrypting data. Participants will explore what it takes to protect those who endanger themselves to investigate injustice.

This session is designed to familiarize documentary makers with their legal rights and ethical obligations and to introduce strategies for protecting their subjects and crews. The workshop will cover how to protect sources and data and how to keep crew and subjects safe during and after filming. Topics to be discussed will include physical, legal and emotional/psychological protection. It will also cover best practices for shooting and sharing sensitive or dangerous information, and practical strategies and tools for data encryption and security.

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