StoryHarvest: A Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table

Cultivate community through cooking and eating, sharing stories, making music, and watching films. Bring your seeds, spoons, and stories!


Saturday, October 15, 2011, 4-7pm
at Collard City Growers: 3337 6th Avenue, between Glen Avenue and 101st Street, Troy, NY; and The Sanctuary for Independent Media:  3361 6th  Avenue, Troy, NY
free and open to the public

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Brazilian-American artist Ellie Markovitch designs a harvest celebration culminating in a community potluck.

4-6 pm Communal stew-making and cooking by local chefs and  growers. Plus, music with Ghanaian Master Drummer Zorkie Nelson (from the Hamilton Hill Art Center)!

Where: At Collard City Growers, 3337 6th Avenue, between Glen Avenue and 101st Street in Troy, NY; rain site: the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Avenue.

What to bring: Some of your harvest bounty to share in our neighborhood feast! Bring your harvest stories and recipes for a participatory art project.

6-7pm Community potluck (raw or prepared dishes) and Multimedia exhibition by Ellie Markovitch at the Sanctuary Cafe.

7pm Screening of Ciclovida

StoryHarvest is co-sponsored by Collard City Growers in partial fulfillment of Ellie Markovitch’s MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts at the Department of the Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

DIY SnackShop at the Collard City Growers lot August 2, 2011/Veggie Slaw photo by Brian Jones


Ellie Markovitch carries a camera and recipes with her at all times—the tools she uses to communicate and build community.

Some of her recent work includes DIY SnackShopHeat it Up Dinner, and Flying Feast.

Ellie Markovich is a photojournalist who has over a decade of Newspaper experience. She worked in NYC and Paris, France. Born in Brazil and now a resident of Troy, she is fluent in four languages with extensive experience producing on-the-street interviews.

Check out more about Ellie Markovitch’s work at:

Co-sponsored by the Freedom Square Coalition: Collard City Growers, Missing Link Street Ministry, Troy Bike Rescue, and The Sanctuary for Independent Media.

Sanctuary Fall 11 Announcement Text:
Planting Seeds (ALL DAY EVENT)
A Celebration of Art and Food from Seed to Table
Brazilian-American artist Ellie Markovitch creates a harvest celebration, with stories, music with Zorkie Nelson and multimedia, culminating in a community potluck.
Co-sponsored by Collard City Growers.
w/ filmmaker Matt Feinstein
Subsistence farmers from Brazil bicycle 6,000 miles in search of natural seeds, exposing the devastating effects of industrial agriculture destined for agrofuels.
Co-sponsored by Troy Bike Rescue.
More in-depth description of event:
StoryHarvest is a happening, a conversation about food.  People will share stories about what the harvest means to them, and their interpretation of “seed to table.” We’ll explore how food transforms individuals, from the molecular to the community level.

StoryHarvest will take place at the Collard City Garden in a “sukkah,” a symbolic space honoring the harvest, a space to reflect on the bounty of the earth and our lives.  Within this shelter, farmers and gardeners will bring their harvest veggies to artist Ellie Markovitch, who will ceremoniously add them to a community stew.  As part of this participatory art project, people will tell their stories on panels which will be added to the outside walls of the structure.  The sukkah will be created Ghanaian Master Drummer Zorkie Nelsonout of organic materials, which can be composted and recycled for the garden after the event. 

  We’ll be joined by Zorkie Nelson, world renowned Ghanain master drummer.  Special thanks to the Hamilton Art Center for sharing their warm and welcoming music community with North Troy! 

 Starting at 4 pm in the Sanctuary, a multimedia exhibit by artist Ellie Markovitch will feature the North Troy program, “Uptown Summer,” an environmental justice coalition focusing on food justice, urban gardening, alternative transportation and grassroots media for community education. Collard City Growers, Missing Link Ministry, Troy Bike Rescue and Youth Media Sanctuary inaugurated “Uptown Summer” this year, with the assistance of Troy’s Weed and Seed Program.    

 Community organizations connected to StoryHarvest’s “seed to table” theme will showcase their work in the Sanctuary thoughout the event.  At 6pm the Sanctuary hosts a community potluck where neighbors will share stories and a meal with vegetables grown from the Collard City Growers and the surrounding region.  Local chefs will join the community to create culinary delights!
A screening of the film CICLOVIDA: LIFECYCLE at 7 pm features subsistence farmers from Brazil bicycling 6,000 miles in search of natural seeds, exposing the devastating effects of industrial agriculture destined for agrofuels.  A discussion with the filmmaker, Matt Feinstein, will follow the film.
This event is part of MoHu, a 9-day arts festival in the Capital Region.

Guidelines for Inviting Organizations to Table the Event:
The theme of this event is “seed to table.”  We invite organizations who relate to this theme, from their direct connection to food culture and/or their metaphorical planting of seeds through connecting people. Organizations confirmed to table can set up from 3-4 on the day of the event, and break down their table after the film.  Please contact: Ellie Markovitch for further information.