The Art of Color Correcting for Video

Date(s) - Saturday 10/26/2013
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

“Bring me your tired shots, your underexposed poorly lit scenes, your muddled green flourescent faces yearning to have saturation…”

Editor and videographer Eleanor Goldsmith covers the tools and techniques for perfecting video images, enhancing aesthetic and technical qualities qualities in the creative filmmaking process.


1pm How to Avoid Problems in the First Place!

Eleanor will review how to set up a camera, white balance, and get proper exposure. The more you get it right in production, the easier your job is in post-production!

2pm Overview: Color Correcting with Final Cut Pro and Premiere

We’ll cover “Calibration,” and how to set up your system to properly correct your media.  We’ll review the tools at our disposal, including color correction plug-ins.

3pm Expressing Art and Sytle with Color Correction

Experiment with creative approaches to color correction, embracing color to enhance the mood and personal aesthetic of your work!

3:30- 5:00 Color Correction Clinic

Bring your own material to the workshop! Eleanor will take a look, then guide you as you seek the optimum color correction strategies for your media! *If you have a laptop and drive, please bring to this workshop!



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