"The Body in a Criminal Age" with Paul Vanouse


10/21/2013 - 10/22/2013    
11:00 pm - 2:00 am

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 “The Body in a Criminal Age”

Remember the OJ Simpson case? This talk is designed to creatively counter mass-media dramatizations that
typically misinform the public, and provide audiences with the conceptual tools to understand current issues
surrounding use of DNA imaging and databasing.

Just as the term DNA fingerprinting has led to misinformation regarding its efficacy, DNA evidence is also hyperbolized in popular culture. The “CSI effect” is a reference to the phenomenon of shows such as the CSI franchise overstating the accuracy of forensic techniques, and exaggerating the abilities of forensic science. 

About Paul Vanouse’s work:

Paul Vanouse is an artist working in Emerging Media forms.  Radical interdisciplinarity and impassioned amateurism guide his practice. Since the early 1990s his artwork has addressed complex issues raised by varied new techno-sciences using these very techno-sciences as a medium.  His artworks have included data collection devices that examine the ramifications of polling and categorization, genetic experiments that undermine scientific constructions of race and identity, and temporary organizations that playfully critique institutionalization and corporatization.

Part of the “Bioart in an Industrial Wasteland” project.
Co-sponsored by iEAR Presents!