Uptown Summer 2014 Week 1: Mapping Our Community

To map our community, we began “Uptown Summer 14” presenting participatory arts workshops with neighborhood youth. To see more of this interdisciplinary week of creative community exploration, check out our blogs from “Uptown Summer Week 1!”

In a “Mapping Our History” Scrapbook/Sampler Workshop with photo journalist Brenda Ann Kenneally, youth had a photography lesson and took photos of their homes. 

The next day, they had a tour to learn the history of their neighborhood with Kathy Sheehan of the Rensselaer County Historical Society, and began needle-points (in the history of Victorian Troy) of the photos of their homes.


Writing about sense of place and identity, they had a poetry workshop with Cara Benson of the Millay Colony.

North Troy youth also worked with new media artists LoVid, strategizing how to create a walking video tour of their block.

They ended the week in investigating how they can be change-makers in their community. In a a meeting with the River Keeper, they took their cameras to witness the effects of pollution in the Hudson River on their community. And, they worked on urban gardens in abandoned lots, striving to transform toxic places into green spaces!