Voices for Creative Nonviolence: Kathy Kelly networks with community artists and activists

Date(s) - Sunday 11/15/2009
All Day

Join us before this event, at 6:00 p.m., for a potluck! We’ll share food, stories, and information!

Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, peace activist Kathy Kelly offers an eye witness account and a message of hope through creative non-violence. 

Built around tangible community responses to the casualties of war, this multi-media event networks members of the local peace, justice, Iraqi refugee, veteran, and artist communities.

During the event, Kathy Kelly and the audience will view a screening premiere of local digital stories, and then have a dialogue with their creators.  Groups featured include:

–the Iraqi refugee immigrant young women with Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange and Iraqi Family Project

–Women Against War

–Schenectady Unitarians Social Action group

–Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

We will also be introduced to the Fort Drum Soldiers Billboard project, and artist Suzanne Opton.

This coalition-building program is part of the nationwide Peaceable Assembly Campaign, which seeks an end to the U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


More about Kathy Kelly:  Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, Kathy has been an eye witness and vocal peace activist. Her Nobel nominations were for her work defying  the UN  sanctions on Iraq that caused severe hardships and thousands of deaths in the years leading up to the 2003 invasion. She and her team of peace witnesses were in Baghdad during shock and awe and were there to greet the first Marines to enter the city in March of 2003. Since that time she has been in Jordan and Syria with the nearly two million Iraqi refugees, in Beirut during the Israeli bombings and more recently in Gaza during the latest conflict there. She was in Pakistan writing about the half million refugees fleeing the Swat Valley where the combined devastation of Taliban fighters, Pakistani Soldiers and American unmanned drone attacks made life impossible. 







For more about Kathy Kelly, click here. 

More about the “Be the Media” Community Digital Storytelling Workshop: This event will feature 4 projects produced by local community members at the Sanctuary, in our Community Digital Storytelling Workshop.  Digital stories to be presented include stories from Iraqi refugee immigrant girls (sponsored by Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange), the Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, Women Against War and Schenectady Unitarians Social Action group.


“Be the Media” Community Digital Storytelling Workshop at the Sanctuary, 10/25/09

More about the FORT DRUM SOLDIERS FACE BILLBOARD PROJECT: At the event, Kathy Kelly will also learn about the FORT DRUM SOLDIERS FACE BILLBOARD PROJECT, posted on a billboard on I-787 IN ALBANY this month.  The artist, Suzanne Opton, and producer Susan Reynolds, will be available to respond to questions about the project.  For more information, check out: http://www.SuzanneOpton.com.

Join Kathy Kelly and peace activists from around the state the following day, November 15th, in Syracuse, NY to protest the DRONES at Hancock Field!


For more information about this event, contact:

Bob Alft, Social Action Council, First Unitarian Society of Schenectady

Nicole Belanger, Americorps VISTA Sanctuary Community Outreach Coordinator


Co-sponsored by:

Iraqi Refugee Project

Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange

Women Against War

Schenectady Unitarians Social Action group

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

Albany Veterans for Peace

Chatham Peace Initiative