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"Evidence and Fantasy: Militarism in American Life" by photo journalist Nina Berman

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Photo journalist Nina Berman

“Evidence and Fantasy: Militarism in American Life”

with photographs from “Purple Hearts,” “Marine Wedding,” and “Homeland”

pc. Adam Zaremba image

Photo by Nina Berman, from “Purple Hearts”


Nina Berman is a documentary photographer with a primary interest in the American political and social landscape.

Internationally known for her photographs of wounded American military, Nina Berman‘s exhibit “Evidence and Fantasy: Militarism in American Life” includes work from her series “Purple Hearts,” portraits and interviews with wounded veterans, “Marine Wedding,” and “Homeland,” a look at militarism, religion and security in post 9-11 America.

Check out the NY Times articles on Marine Wedding and Purple Hearts.



Photo by Nina Berman, “Red Carpet” from “Purple Hearts”

Her work has been extensively published, exhibited and collected, garnering praise in both the art and journalism worlds. She has received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, awards from the World Press Photo Foundation, and a grant from the Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Fund. She is a member of NOOR, a worldwide photo collective.  She is on the faculty of the International Center of Photography and lives in her hometown, New York City.

Meet the artist on Veterans Day, when Nina Berman comes to the Sanctuary to discuss her work and share a multi-media presentation. For more information about this event, check out our Nov. 11 event, Veterans Day Reflections on the Casualties of War.



“I don’t believe in the notion of the objective photographer,

that somehow a photo is balanced and you’re dispassionate.”





“I don’t think that would have value.

That’s like a security camera.”



pc. Robert Acosta, By Nina Berman, from "Purple Hearts" For more information, go to All rights reserved. Please do not redistribute!





tealth Bomber, Atlantic City, N.J., 2007.  By Nina Berman, from "Homeland" For more information, go to All rights reserved. Please do not redistribute!




“ That doesn’t mean

I have an agenda. 


But I do have areas of interest.”     





                               Nina Berman in The War’s Long Shadows- Lens


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