Fall '07 Underground Gallery: Woodstock Women In Black



An international movement of women for peace


You are welcome to join us at our vigil on the Woodstock Village Green every Sunday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.  Men are welcome to stand in solidarity with us.


Women in Black in Woodstock has been standing on the Village Green with other peace groups weekly since June 2001. 

We wear black as a symbol of mourning for ALL the victims of war and violence.

We are silent because words cannot express the tragedy that war and hatred brings.

            Today we stand in mourning for the more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis killed in this war, the over 3097 Americans and 394 international soldiers who have lost their lives, the 47,657 American wounded,  and the 625,000+ innocent men, women and children who have been maimed and injured.  When will it end?

         This was a preventable war, a war of choice.  The reason always given by the White House was to destroy Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.   Not one Iraqi WMD has been found!  It is now clear that Iraq was never any threat to us or its neighbors.

We stand against all pre-emptive wars that make our whole world a more dangerous and lawless place.

We believe that the $350+ billion spent on this war and its aftermath could have been better spent at home, saving our educational system and restoring the deep cuts to it, strengthening healthcare so 44 million Americans are not without it, shoring up our faltering economy and creating jobs for the record numbers unemployed.

We stand for peaceful resolution of conflict. We need to rely on the rule of law, supported by the international community and enforced by the UN Security Council and a strong International Criminal Court.  The use of force is barbaric, antiquated and leads to catastrophic human suffering and damage to the environment.

Democracy is wonderful, but it can never be imposed on people.  We now see how difficult and complex the situation is in Iraq; however deciding on an Iraqi government is not the province of the U.S.   Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor to the first Pres. Bush, said, “What is going to happen the first time we hold an election in Iraq and the radicals win?  We’re surely not going to let them take over.”  Then and now, the US was involved in antidemocratic, often violent operations in Iraq in ’63, ’74, the ‘80’s and 12 years of sanctions in the ‘90s that have seriously hurt the civilian population.

 We also stand in opposition to human rights abuses, the erosion of our civil liberties, profiling and discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, a bloated budget for death and destruction, and intolerance and oppression in all its forms.

Women in Black (WIB) began in June 1988 when Israeli women courageously stood on the streets in Jerusalem to protest the occupation of Palestine, and in solidarity with the women in Palestine.  Today, WIB vigils are springing up in cities and towns across the US, and around the world.  Each group is independent, and sets its own agenda.  In Italy, WIB stand for justice for immigrants and for international peace.  In Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, WIB set an inspiring example of interethnic cooperation during wartime, and in Germany, WIB protest neo-Nazism and nuclear weapons.

  What unites all Women In Black groups is a

passion for peace and justice for all the people of the world.


For more info, contact: [email protected]



Stay informed: make it your business to seek out alternative sources for news.

Write letters to the editor.

Plan and participate in vigils and demonstrations.  (Come stand with us!)

Voice your opinion on talk radio.

Give financial support to and/or volunteer for representatives who oppose war.  Tell your representatives today that you support the formation of a Dept. of Peace.

Speak up!  Express your views, your concerns and your questions.




Alternative Radio   www.alternativeradio.org  and WAMC 90.3 Tues. 1-2 pm

Common Dreams News Center   www.commondreams.org

             Democracy Now  www.democracynow.org  and Woodstock Public Access TV, Channel 23 Mon.-Fri., 10-11 am

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting   www.fair.org

Friends Committee on National Legislation   www.fcnl.org

Pacifica Radio  www.pacifica.org

The Nation   www.thenation.com

The Guardian Weekly   www.guardian.co.uk

Truthout   www.truthout.org

Waking Planet   www.wakingplanet.com

Z Net   www.zmag.org



American Friends Service Committee   www.afsc.org

Families for Peaceful Tomorrows    www.peacefultomorrows.org

International Action Center   www.iacenter.org

Media Workers Against War   www.mwaw.org

Move On   www.moveon.org

Not in Our Name    www.nion.us

Oxfam America   www.oxfamamerica.org

United for Peace and Justice   www.unitedforpeace.org

Voice for Change   www.voice4change.org



Pres. George Bush    [email protected]

Sen. Hillary Clinton    [email protected]

Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey     www.house.gov/hinchey

Sen. Charles Schumer   [email protected]



Woodstock Times    [email protected]

Daily Freeman    [email protected]

Poughkeepsie Journal   [email protected]


      A different  and  better  world  is  possible and  you  can  help  create  it!


[email protected]



Code Pink   www.codepink4peace.org

Gather the Women   www.gatherthewomen.org

Women in Black   www.womeninblack.org    www.womeninblack.net

Women’s Action for New Directions   www.wand.org

Women’s Human Rights Network   www.whrnet.org

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 

    www.wilpf.org, www.wilpf.int.ch/, www.peacewomen.org

Women Waging Peace   www.womenwagingpeace.net