Fall 2020 Events overview

In anticipation of the election, Town Hall with community leaders and “Let the People Decide” director Gavin Guerra.


The free online Candidate Forum for the position of New York State Assembly District 107 Legislator featured three candidates for the NYS Assembly District 107 race: incumbent Jake Ashby (Republican/Conservative/Independent), Brittany Vogel (Democrat/Working Families), and Charles Senrick (Libertarian). 


  • Friday Oct. 16      7:00 pm – 9:00 pm   Chris Hedges, Politics of Cultural Despair
    • Chris Hedges presented a new talk, documented live in the Sanctuary for a virtual audience, examining the cultural and social forces that have given rise to extremism in the United States. Check out his talk and Q&A at:
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  • Oct. 20- Nov. 20     Lawn Lab Sound Walk
    • What kind of biodiversity can lawn ecosystems support? Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory (aka Lawn Lab) offers a meditative audio tour for slowing down and tuning in to the urban rewilding taking place at the lawn next door to Media Sanctuary’s Collard City Growers, designed by Ellie Irons and the Next Epoch Seed Library. 
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  • Friday, 11/20       

5:00-6:00pm Be The Media! with Messiah Rhodes: Passion to Tell Your Story

    • A workshop with youth focused on learning the journey of Messiah Rhodes and being inspired to tell their own stories! From traditional documentary to visions of the future, Messiah is a filmmaker/prophet of our time. In collaboration with TEAM Hero and Youth FX! Register for this event here!
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7:00-9:00pm    Against All Odds with Messiah Rhodes and panel “Incarceration in the Pandemic: Break the Cycle”

    • Against All Odds is a personal and also important social story about recidivism and our criminal justice system and how effects so many generations. It’s also a story of women surviving this broken system and ways we can support them. Discussion with filmmaker, followed by a panel with local incarceration activists, with focus on understanding what Defund the Police means, empowerment and access to services. Register for this event here!
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  • Friday, 12/4    6:30-8:00pm     People’s Health Sanctuary, “End-of-Life in the Age of COVID”
    • End-of-Life in the Age of Covid features conversations about our experiences of death, end of life care, and the creation of social and spiritual community during the pandemic. How can our grief inform and inspire us to create a new world that is inclusive, and responsive to the needs of marginalized populations most hard hit by Covid?  


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  • Friday, 12/11    Water Justice Confluence & Echoes from Lock One Sneak Screening
    • Opening night of virtual gathering of advocates from Hudson River Watershed  environmental justice advocates launches a weekend of “Water Justice Confluence.” “Echoes from Lock One” features North Troy teens who spent five weeks creating a multimedia documentary on water justice and the legacy of the Erie Canal in one of NY’s most economically challenged and environmentally devastated neighborhoods.




  • Saturday, 12/12 Water Justice Lab Convergence
    • This convergence is the final event of Year 1 of Water Justice Lab, a new project of Media Sanctuary’s NATURE (North Troy Art Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) Lab Environmental Education Center and Riverkeeper. The project will establish a water quality sampling lab, educate diverse communities about water literacy and water civics (water issues and how to make a difference), develop the advocacy capacity of the North Troy area, and strengthen a network of environmental justice advocates focused on water issues in the Hudson River Watershed.