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We’re ON for our fencing project at the Collard City Garden tomorrow (Friday 5/23).

Come out in the morning, come out in the afternoon, come out all day. We’ll be there from 9 AM – 5 PM with steady streams of volunteers. We’ll feed you too! Egg spect big fun!

We have a bunch of holes already dug that need to have fence posts set, then backfilled. These posts are getting, well, posted! Not too hard–no digging!–this job just needs a bunch of hands so we can disappear the holes and get on with planting.

TeenagersIt’s supposed to be perfect outdoor working weather, with temperatures in the 60s.

If you have tools for tamping, long-handled shovels, post-hole diggers, gloves and anything else that might be useful please bring ’em.


Background: big doings happening on the block, in the neighborhood, and at the garden. The fence we are erecting is beautiful, yet hard work.

Richard Along the way, we have excavated the home that sat on the site pre-demolition some years ago. The large chunks of concrete and brick walls have required the help of a friend-with-backhoe. Using a backhoe to dig holes means larger holes. Complications with locating a working water line have also slowed the project.

We have set 14 of about 30 posts. The south line has holes ready to go.

With your help, we can dig, tamp, and fill those holes with the lovely locust posts. We’re looking to do a big push on Friday, but understand that many volunteers have paid work that day. We will have more weekend work parties, but not this Memorial Day weekend.

Many hands make light work, and also, more fun.

Hope to see you soon… THANK YOU!!


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