Field Trip to CDCG

My class took a field trip to some of CDCG’s gardens last Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about Capital District Community Gardens: how they operate and what they do.  I took some pictures (coming soon) of my classmates helping to harvest the vegetables.

We had our first assignment due…a Troy Food Profile using census data and other data found online.  There is so much out there, I can’t even begin to imagine how much data we collectively turned up.  Data isn’t everything, though, and at times it would probably have made more sense to actually go interview people ourselves.  That is much more time consuming and difficult.

In class, we’ve been learning more about food justice and food policies.  We’ve talked about the Farm Bill, and its implications on food security.  Elli Markovitch came into our class last Friday and brought us bread and showed us how to make granola!  We had another guest speaker discuss farm land trusts.  Farmers can preserve their land as farmland forever through this.

We’ve also been working on interviewing various people in Troy who have been involved in and are concerned about food security.  My partner and I interviewed Pastor Willie, who runs his Feed-a-Kid program in the Missing Link Ministry, just across from the Sanctuary.  We learned a lot about food security and justice.  So many problems here in our own backyard!

One great thing about being a junior and taking higher-level classes is that there are a lot of connections between the classes that I am taking this semester and classes that I’ve taken in the past.  In my economics class, we’ve talked about farm subsidies and how they affect the global economy (other countries that don’t subsidize their agriculture are at a disadvantage since their prices are higher, for example).  We’ve been learning about industrialization and the effects on architecture in my architectural history class, which relates back to Troy since that’s the era that Troy was at its golden age.  Through this internship and through Food, Farms, and Famine, I’m learning about what North Central Troy has to offer and what it needs to be better.  I’m learning various questions that I need to ask and various ways to study problems and find solutions through my STS-Sustainability Studies research methods class.