Friday July 11th ~Watching, Waiting and Dreaming~

*Strength team with Steve- Concert setup; The group helped move all equipment and gear to Freedom Square for tonight’s performance of ‘Debo Band’ to celebrate the launch of Uptown Summer! 


*The River Keeper field trip- Captain John explains The River Keeper: A program that is a member supportive organization. The River Keeper is an old european model that is basically just someone who monitors a water way.



He explains that the traditional memo is environmental enforcement through the thread of irrigation. Witnessing is another thread of environmental enforcement. “I am the eyes of the river! The thing about a river is that it has no voice. My job is to be on the river and imagination what the river would want from the humans around it.”By patrolling the river and going after a river polluter, other polluters see The River Keeper and stop. “That’s how we protect- seeing and being seen.”  

-Captain John’s primary role as The River Keeper is to patrol. If he sees a problem, he endeavors to deal with it. Captain John said “I used to think if I didn’t see a polluter, I wasn’t doing my job but thats crazy. I am not seeing polluters because I am doing my job.”



-The River Keeper also has a water quality program.They test if the water is swimmable by looking at fickle matter bacteria which is from any form of live mammals. They are different than an academic group that is doing this for pure science. The River Keeper is interested in doing research for the public’s main concern and that is “how is the water?” Captain John explains if humans engage the issue of water they will go beyond their own needs and connect with the needs of the river. 


*How can youth help fight the problem against river contamination? Let the people who run the state know that water pollution matters! We can do this by sending them a letter or photo. By reaching out letting them know this is important. Be a voice and talk about it.


*Lunch Today: By chef Jillian from Nine Miles East Farm- Rice noodles with thai sauce with roasted beets and turnips. Also ciabatta with hummus and cucumber/zucchini slices



*Creative Tee Shirt Making! Potato cut letter stamps with heat set fabric ink. The group gets crafty and makes Uptown Summer tee shirts by using potato stamps, ink, paint, and other various ways of tee shirt embellishment. 




* L-lot garden work: The Youth change Makers explore Hugelkultur which is a process to rot plants into dirt to make top soil without burning it and hurting the environment. This way you are helping the Environment grow.



They start by weeding out Ailanthus trees to create compost for top soil replacement. When The Sanctuary got the L-lot, it was filled with ailanthus trees. Now all the left over brush and tree matter lays around in piles. What should we do with all this tree? When the settlers first arrived in New York, there was 30 feet of top soil. Now there is only 6 inches left. The group create soil by taking chunks of trees to cut up into a pile so the pieces of trees rot into soil. Dry leaves are used to cover it and other stuff that holds moisture in. Then the Youth Change Makers will grow Gords and Potatoes on the piles of compost trees.