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Future Farmers, Carriage House, and the Hoop House

Saturday October 18th, I worked and attended the Futurefarmers demonstration at the Carriage House and Collard City Growers garden. The event started out with a work party early in the morning. Volunteers cleaned the Carriage House. People arrived for the event around 1. A lot of people of that attendeded. Some attendees were local youth, few were Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students, and other working professionals or volunteers of the Sanctuary.

Branda Miller gave a brief introduction about the Carriage house and its unique history. Amy Halloran started with a brief education lesson on grains and historic food justice activists. She provided information on the history and types of grain. 

Grains were passed around for people to touch and see.

 Once Amy finished speaking another man named Howard Stoner spoke about grains and his technique for planting, harvesting and processing them.










He showed his invention of turning certain grains into a powder form, which were then used to make pancakes.











After man named Howard Stoner talked about grains, everyone went outside to start planting the ancient grain gardens. Everyone took turns spreading grain seeds around two garden beds. Two different methods of planting seeds were used. People threw seeds and raked over them for the first garden.



 Another invention was used to plant seeds more precisely in the second garden.                        

 The event was held at The Carriage House in the Collard City Growers garden on 6th Avenue near the Sanctuary. It is amazing to see the construction of the Carriage House. I first visited the Carriage house over a month ago. Since then, lighting has been installed, stairs have been built, and other things were fixed. The Carriage House is the new location of the North Troy Environmental Education Center. A greenhouse constructed by Chris Scully and other volunteers is in the process of being completed.

Chris Scully a volunteer for the Sanctuary and former RPI student designed a hoop house for the Collard City Growers garden. The hoop house should be completed soon. On Saturday local residents, volunteers, and local youth worked together to construct the perimeter of the greenhouse and install the fish tank. The project is still being worked on. But it will enhance the beauty of the property once finished. It is special to see everyone working hard to complete a project that will benefit the neighborhood in several ways.