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Altar_Heal_Our_Wounded_by Nancy Weber

Emerging from Darkness

 “Emerging from Darkness: Making Space for our Grief,” a community collective installation at Freedom …

The Critters of Collard City Growers

Small livestock provide many benefits for the garden. They’re calming to watch and care …

Uptown Summer 2020 – Media & Design

Uptown Summer 2020 participated in media and design projects as part of their work …

Stained Glass Restoration


Spring 2020 Press Assets

What a spectrum of exciting performances, events and speakers in Spring 2020!

FEMeeting Troy 2020

FEMeeting Troy 2020
FEMeeting: Troy 2020 is organized with Media Sanctuary’s NATURE …


2019 Holiday Justice and Peace Celebration

These first 31 images are shot by photographer Johnathan DeSousa, at the Holiday Justice …