Volunteer with the Sanctuary

Volunteer Opportunities  

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We welcome you to volunteer! Email [email protected] or call us at (518)-272-2390 for more information.

Volunteers are the brain, heart, and backbone that make the Sanctuary a thriving and vibrant community media and arts center. They help to shoot video, plan events, network in our community, build our space, and keep the place nice.

Whether you come with a specific expertise, interest in learning a new skill, or just want to be part of the Sanctuary, we welcome your help!

Some of the volunteer projects we need help with:

  • Event volunteering – Our many public events are an important part of what we do. We have about 15 events each Fall, Summer, and Spring and volunteers are needed before, during, and after events. Volunteers run the door, the cafe, set up the space, provide tech support, etc.
  • Radio Production –  In fall 2017, we launched a brand new nightly radio show, Hudson Mohawk Magazine. This exciting project requires help in several production areas, such as audio editing, writing and even hosting. Want to be on the radio or behind the scenes? Join us! Call or drop by for more information, visit our Monday production meeting at 7:07pm, or fill out this form.
  • Video Production – We produce videos of several events per season and for special projects. Volunteers are needed to run cameras, set up lights, control the audio, etc. Experience is helpful, but we will train dedicated volunteers.
  • Post production – Distributing our videos through the web and DVD is a great way to spread our work past North Troy. We need help editing videos, organizing our media, etc. Experience is helpful, but we will train dedicated volunteers.
  • General help – Help with general needs around the Sanctuary (cleaning up, construction, organizing, gardening, all sorts of things)
  • Organize events – All of our events are planned and organized by volunteers from the community (propose events, contact performers, find cosponsors, advertise events, etc.)
  • Distribute brochures/flyers – Help us spread the word about what we do (put brochures/fliers in public places around the area)