News Reflections

Good Days

Hello, I’m Laurie Schabile, a new volunteer at The Sanctuary.  I must say, though, I am receiving much more as a volunteer than I am giving.  I have met caring, kind, and generous people who all have something to offer, and willingly share their gifts.  For the time being most of my contribution has been to the kitchen.  Cooking and sharing food with others is a basic human activity, but the Sanctuary provides much more than saitisfying just your hunger.  Whether it’s preparing a dish for the first time, or a new skill you might like to learn, support is freely given.  Encouragement abounds.  Art, media, and humanity are connected.  The conversations from the kitchen carry throughout the lower level and draw others in, as everyone’s opinion is welcome and sought and the excitement is palpable, no matter the subject. You have a question about gardening?  Well, there’s a person for that.  You have a question about media ?  Well, there’s a person for that.  A question about…well, whatever….the Sanctuary has a person for that and we work together to get it done.  Precious precious time is available for everyone.  So, pull up a chair, have a bite to eat, and prepare to give, receive, and share.