Guests and Music Mingle at Spanish in the Garden


“Cuando tú me dices a media voz que me amas

Me siento tan sublime como el tibio sol de la mañana

Y esto es lo que tú me haces sentir

Desde el día en que te conocí.”


Sounds of Spanish love songs filled Collard City Growers this Tuesday during our Spanish in the Garden workshop. During a momentary pause in the workday, we crowded around a ukulele to stop, to listen, and to learn.


We shared some gardening games and care for the chickens with Celeste and Willow, two little red-headed tikes who were visiting today with their mom Elizabeth. Their giggles filled the garden space as they dashed between the plants, picking dill and tickling each other and the summer youth employees with fuzzy stalks from the gardens.


Volunteers from Wildwood join us every Tuesday to help us in the gardens. Today, they joined us in the Carriage House painting signs in English and Spanish for the gardens. Cleo led these activities as laughter mingled with paint brushes like puddles of color on a painter’s palette.


We ended the workshop with Monica, a visitor from Buffalo here for the day. She brought her ukulele, a purple instrument with doodled-on Sharpee, and sang songs to us in Spanish. During her second song, a rooster decided to sing along, his crows intermingling with the strums of the ukulele and the sound of Monica’s song. It is the fusion that Spanish in the Garden desired to create: Spanish mingling with our garden activities, both shaping the Sanctuary’s future.


The above lyrics in Spanish were from the song “No Siento Penas” by Juanes.

 This post was created by Sanctuary intern Jenna Kersten.